Detroit Fashion + Tech Hackathon Partners with MixPose: Virtual Yoga Sessions during Hackathon 


A hackathon is an event where developers and others from different backgrounds and skill sets gather and create software for up to three days straight to end up demonstrating their idea and their prototype. It has been becoming more and more popular in the last couple of years. With the rising demand of developers in the tech industry, hackathons have also become an intersection for designers to display their UX/UI, developers to show off their programming skills, and employers to scout out potential talents who have passion in technology. As of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hackathon organizers often have been more creative to host the event online.

One of the biggest challenges while hacking is personal health and wellness. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause stiffening of the shoulders, neck, legs, and lower back. Yoga practice is one of the best exercises that both helps hackers to stretch and relax. At Detroit Fashion + Tech Hackathon, we’ve partnered with MixPose ( to provide virtual yoga sessions for our virtual hackathon. Jenn Dodgson, JD, aka The Feral Yogi ( is based in Lowell, MI. Founded in 2016, Feral Yogi provides a blended experience of Vinyasa yoga and outdoor adventure. She maintains that “yoga isn’t for the flexible, it’s for the willing”. Whether you’re a complete novice or if you consider yourself a life-long yogi, your mat has found its home!

Both Lori McColl (a long-time yoga participant) and Holly McClellan (a first time yoga participant) thoroughly enjoyed the virtual setting – Lori was able to join the class and found that The Feral Yogi provided a challenging class, and Holly managed to participant privately.  “The Feral Yogi made me feel comfortable, was able to ensure virtually that I didn’t injure myself, and in the midst of the stress of hosting the DF+TH, her calming meditation was amazing – a truly great first experience (plus I wasn’t intimidated because I was hosting a private session within the class),” Holly McClellan reported.

Next time, when you are hacking for too long, a virtual yoga class release can be a perfect antidote for both physical exercise and mental relaxation. To attend one of Feral Yogi’s virtual yoga class you can go check her schedule at or if you are local here near Michigan, try to experience the feral yogi on the trail at