2020 Partners


Problem Statement Partners

Problem Statement:
Customer Experience Manufacturing

Problem Statement:
AI and Machine Learning

Outreach Partners


Dan Kinney, Technology Executive, Advisor, Consultant
Sarah Han, Co-Founder MixPose


Lori McColl, Founder, DF+TH and Whim-Detroit
Jonathan Olson
, Front-End Developer and UX Designer
Brandon Klotz, Software engineer and designer
Adam DePollo, back-end software engineer
Peter Ma, AI Expert
Ayon Roy, problem solver and tech speaker
Leanne Roddy, fashion industry expert
Cassidy Tucker, Co- Founder, Deviate Fashion
Kelsey Tucker, Co-Founder, Deviate Fashion
Brenna Lane, Production and Operations, Co-Owner, Detroit Denim
Eric Yelsma, Co-Owner, Detroit Denim



Official Event Partner

This event is an official part of the Detroit Month of Design.

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