Detroit Fashion + Tech Hackathon

Hosted By: Whim + Pure Michigan Business Connect

Retail + Apparel innovation Challenge

2020 Impact

93 Participants

11 Countries

87% Free Agents

What Is The Detroit Fashion + Tech Hackathon?


The hackathon is a 36-hour weekend innovation challenge that brings together diverse teams with the goal of creating new tech solutions.

Teams will hear from our local brands who have submitted problem statements to the hackathon. Participants will assemble into teams to start gathering research on the problem, ideate on potential solutions, design prototypes, and a business case to pitch for selection to the final 3 who will pitch their solution to the judges.


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Problem Statement Partners

Problem Statement:
Customer Experience Manufacturing

Problem Statement:
AI and Machine Learning


Dan Kinney, Technology Executive, Advisor, Consultant
Sarah Han, Co-Founder MixPose


Lori McColl, Founder, DF+TH and Whim-Detroit
Jonathan Olson
, Front-End Developer and UX Designer
Brandon Klotz, Software engineer and designer
Adam DePollo, back-end software engineer
Peter Ma, AI Expert
Ayon Roy, problem solver and tech speaker
Leanne Roddy, fashion industry expert
Cassidy Tucker, Co- Founder, Deviate Fashion
Kelsey Tucker, Co-Founder, Deviate Fashion
Brenna Lane, Production and Operations, Co-Owner, Detroit Denim
Eric Yelsma, Co-Owner, Detroit Denim

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